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This top is for those who aren't afraid to fly down the road and listen carefully without spending on pricey throttles meet the ultimate toy for adrenaline lovers. Top 10 fastest electric scooters Number 10. Weped Fold Coupe I introduce you to the most convenient machine in the weep head series the fold coupe features dual hub motors and a samsung lithium ion rechargeable cell battery that delivers 60 volts at 40 amp hours. you'll have no major issues as it only weighs 76 pounds about the same as an adult labrador retriever because of its lightness and korean technology, you'll fly at about 56.5 miles per hour on the highway. Other remarkable characteristics are its dual shock absorbers nutt hydraulic disc,brakes 11 inch tires and eye catching programmable led lights,cruising through your city will pose no problem. Thanks to...

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5 Common Electric Scooter Mistakes to Avoid & How to Repair Them

Today LEFELWEL is going to tell you our top five e-scooter mistakes and how to fix them. Mistake No. 1: If you've watched our other videos you've probably heard me go on about this before not keeping your tire pressure topped up.Most e-scooters come with two types of tires solid and airfield. And while solid have their merits. We think airfield is almost always the way to go thanks to their vastly superior ride quality. However you can drastically reduce the ride quality or end it all together by not keeping your tire pressure topped up. Running your tire too low causes poor handling as the tire deforms too much. When going around corners or over the lumps and bumps on the road. In some cases you may even end up with an untimely puncture after hitting...

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Xiaomi Electric Scooter Error 15 / Error 14 Solution by LEFELWEL

On this article, LEFLWEL is going to show you how to solve the problem of the error 15 and error 14 of your mi electric scooter.   So here you can see the electric scooter is still showing 15 on the screen. First we need to open the glass of the display of the scooter so here you can see the glass is stick with glue so we need to pull off the glass, and you can see there are three screws on the board so we need to remove the three screws. Here you can see one cable is disconnected, one connection is really disconnected inside and it actually belongs to the brake cable. So i just plugged in to connect the cable and just turn on the scooter. Now it solves the problem of error 15.   One of the...

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