5 Common Electric Scooter Mistakes to Avoid & How to Repair Them

Today LEFELWEL is going to tell you our top five e-scooter mistakes and how to fix them.

Mistake No. 1:

If you've watched our other videos you've probably heard me go on about this before not keeping your tire pressure topped up.Most e-scooters come with two types of tires solid and airfield. And while solid have their merits. We think airfield is almost always the way to go thanks to their vastly superior ride quality. However you can drastically reduce the ride quality or end it all together by not keeping your tire pressure topped up. Running your tire too low causes poor handling as the tire deforms too much. When going around corners or over the lumps and bumps on the road. In some cases you may even end up with an untimely puncture after hitting one of those bumps. As the inner tube gets squashed against the wheel rim causing it to burst. So we recommend buying a pump and keeping your pressures within their optimum ranges. These will usually be written on the side of the tire in psi or bar check the links in the description below for pure electric's range of pumps and valve extenders. 

Mistake No.2:

Not looking after your battery electric scooter batteries are impressive pieces of tech.But they need to be looked after properly if you want to get the most life out of them. One of the most common issues our customer service team come across is e-scooters that appear to have sub-par range even when the battery is fully charged.This is usually because batteries often say they're fully charged on the e-scooter display before they really are so. To be clear we always recommend going off when the charger says the battery's full and not the display.  This way you'll be absolutely sure it's 100 topped up. 

Mistake No.3:

Using the rear mudguard as a brake.Another common one for our customer service team is e-scooters coming back with broken rear mud guards. This is due to people thinking their rear brakes. So to be clear for a very slight few models nearly every e-scooter's rear mud guard is not a brake.And by using it as one you risk damaging your scooter or even having a crash. If you're unsure,have a look at the rear mudguard when your e-scooter comes out of the box, as there's usually a warning sticker on there which says something along the lines of don't step here.

Mistake No.4:

Know your modes when your e-scooter first arrives it's all too easy just to take it out of the box and head out for a ride. You power it up, push off, then wait a minute it's going way slower than they told you. You think to yourself it must be broken now if you're really unlucky it may well be broken but chances are it's just in its lowest mode often known as eco or low mode. yes most scooters come with three different ride modes, and they are all showed on your dashboard, the lowest or eco mode is the slowest, but you'll get the best range from it.The sport or high mode is the fastest but you get the least range from it. The middle mode as you've guessed is around halfway between the two.So while it may seem boring it always pays to read the user manual and know your modes.Because chances are if your scooter is running slow it may just be in eco mode.

Final mistake No.5:

E-scooters need a kick start. Another simple one but again catches many people out the first time they try an e-scooter.So don't forget to give them a kick start to get going. An e-scooter won't simply go at the push of the throttle, they need to be moving slightly before the throttle kicks in.so to make sure you always get off with a flying start, remember to push off first, then press the throttle to engage the motor. It's really simple but easy to miss if you haven't been shown before.

So those are the top five electric scooter mistakes and how to fix them.If you have any mistakes of your own that you'd like to share. as always do so in the comments below and don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter so you get notified when there are promotions, new products and sales. Thanks for your time watching this article.