Xiaomi Electric Scooter Error 15 / Error 14 Solution by LEFELWEL


On this article, LEFLWEL is going to show you how to solve the problem of the error 15 and error 14 of your mi electric scooter.


So here you can see the electric scooter is still showing 15 on the screen. First we need to open the glass of the display of the scooter so here you can see the glass is stick with glue so we need to pull off the glass, and you can see there are three screws on the board so we need to remove the three screws. Here you can see one cable is disconnected, one connection is really disconnected inside and it actually belongs to the brake cable. So i just plugged in to connect the cable and just turn on the scooter. Now it solves the problem of error 15.


One of the reason of the error 15 is might be the cable connection.If any cable inside is disconnected, it will be error 15, it happens when i remove the cable connection of brake. So when i connect the cable it will solve the problem of error 15. And the sensor sensing connection brake sensing connection is really Disconnect and it will show error 15.

Beside this cable, there is two more cables total three connections in the dashboard, one is for the light, one for the brake and the other one is for accelerator. It will show error 14 if you remove accelerated cable, and error 15 will show up if brake cable is removed.

At last, we will tell you very detailed the braking sensing connections and stuff, also what the components are inside the brake.This break is available in the market, you can get before you change the brake completely. Beside Xiaomi brake, we also have brake for Ninebot Max G30/G30D

When open there is two screws, there is inside some mechanisms, something wrong is leads to error 15. Before you change the brake you can check that also. Just remove the two screws,  here you can see there is a magnet and you know some diode and capacitors are there. So it should be the proper way of fixing there is any disconnection of any leg of the diode or you know any disconnection of cable it spins to error 15. You can see there is a connection, this is the connection soldering connection of the cable to the small board. You can check if the connections are really okay or is there any cable sticks connected or not.You can identify if any cable is disconnected from the board you can just solder that you can fix the problem of the error 15.